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Backed by over two decades of experience, we know success is strategic. A talented collective with a powerful female lead, we’re fully equipped to cater for all branding and marketing requests. We’re different in that we genuinely care about every client and each task. It’s about the experience as much as the deliverables. No ego – just a thirst to see our people, our brands thrive. We have one condition: to work with kind, passionate people… our kind of people. We are Lasso Creative.

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Passion is a powerful thing. It’s led us to discover the meaningful in every brand we work with. The brands we help build change the world in their own way, and we work hard right beside them to make it happen. What starts with a vision transforms through logo, colour palette, design and voice into an authentic and compelling story. One that’s strategic and memorable across every encounter, from packaging to social media, websites and campaigns.

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Whether you’re around the corner or worlds away, we can work together. We engage with kind, passionate people worldwide, and we would love to welcome you to the Lasso fold. Please slide into our inbox or send a job brief to kick off your next project.

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Sarah O’Bryan

Founder + Creative Director

Sarah is an expert at delivering cut-through solutions that communicate clearly in a busy world, understanding clients’ goals and propelling them forward. Her authenticity and ambitious drive inspire. With over 25 years of experience in the design industry, including agency background, Sarah holds intimate knowledge of building business, having worked with hundreds of clients and multiple industries across her career. In Lasso Creative, her award-winning design agency, Sarah has created a fun environment built on values. Here, clients connect directly with Sarah and her expert team, who have a genuine passion for their clients’ success.

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With a deep appreciation of the journey that starts with a spark of an idea, fuelled by passion, Grace delivers the powerful voice and tone of brands, re-telling their story across many mediums. Her genuine curiosity, talent and intuition have served over 20 years of authentic messages, powerful positioning, and cut-through content across industries.

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Nic is a powerhouse when it comes to providing strategic and beautiful designs that re-invent and showcase both new and evolving brands. She is highly supportive, guiding clients at every stage of the design process, and genuinely invested in their professional brand solutions. With clear innovation and calm direction, Nic is highly capable and consistent.

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Kate delivers beautiful design with an intent on building brands and taking them to the next level with a talent played out in the folds of Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. Fresh ideas are driven by an appreciation of typography, shades and tone. Warm and engaging by nature, Kate chases solutions with a genuine enthusiasm for the task – any task – a client presents.

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Siobhan’s strategic approach to design emphasises brand recognition, interest and emotion. Extremely talented, she delivers calm dependability and harmonious collaboration, even under pressure. Behind the scenes, Siobhan plays an integral role in the Lasso collective, guiding projects with her attention to detail and strong client and supplier relationships. Always in the know, she gathers new tips, tricks and insights and is generous in sharing them.

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A passionate creator and proud Wiradjuri woman, Brooke conveys a sense of joy and playfulness in her designs to capture people’s attention and imagination. Feeding a deep curiosity, she is one for innovative problem-solving, and constantly seeks out new opportunities for growth and learning. Brooke is incredibly talented, and our clients benefit from her passion, creativity and attention to detail.

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Quality, consistency and clear communication are mainstays in Kristy’s portfolio. Highly skilled, intuitive and reliable, her seasoned talent and strategic approach guides our clients from ideas to practical and powerful resources. With a deep appreciation for all types of design, Kristy thrives with methodical work, happy clients and being part of a strong team.

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Karl’s multifaceted and highly technical skillset delivers the best experiences and key functionalities across our digital projects. Diligent in his approach, Karl is engaged and competitive by nature with clients’ satisfaction high on his goal list. A seasoned pro backed by 27 years in the industry, he acquires the latest insight to keep bringing fresh and dynamic ideas to life. 


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